Audit Allies and MyTaxPrepOfficeTM

Audit Allies and MyTaxPrepOfficeTM make a great team.

What is Audit Allies and what do we cover?

Audit Allies utilizes two core services to offer a complete package of support for taxpayers, EROs and tax preparers:

Audit Assistance– Our Staff of CPAs and enrolled agents will provide a wide variety of industry leading audit assistance to your taxpayers undergoing IRS audits.

ERO Protection– Provides EIC due diligence education and in-person representation in the even of an EIC audit.

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How much is Audit Allies?

For the low cost of $44.95, your preparers and taxpayers are covered for 3 years, for that years tax return. This means if that years tax return is audited or your preparer undergoes an EIC due diligence review, Audit Allies has your back!

How can I make money for offering Audit Allies?

Not only will your tax preparers now have peace of mind concerning EIC due diligence compliance, your taxpayers represented by a CPA/EA for audits, but you can also increase your revenue using Audit Allies. We have priced our coverage as low as possible, to allow your office to add an additional fee to our $44.95. You can mark up our $44.95 amount between 0-$54 (most offices mark-up between $10-$20 per return). If using a bank product, your markup fee will be deposited into your bank account, at the time tax preparation fees are paid. This allows you to increase revenue while also providing tremendous value to the taxpayer, as well as your entire office staff.

Enrollment is free and easy.

If you are an ERO looking for Audit Assistance and could use some added value with ERO Protection, Audit Allies is ready to team up. Enrollment is free and only takes 2 minutes to complete. Once you enroll, we will notify your tax software provider to activate Audit Allies for the upcoming tax season. Then, you can relax. Audit Allies has your back.

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