Audit Allies ERO Protection


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Audit Allies to begin taking advantage of all of its features?

When you complete a tax return in a participating software program you can choose to become a member by enrolling the tax return with Audit Allies. You are now an ERO/taxpayer enrolled member, eligible to continue enrolling. Each time you complete a tax return you can choose to include the tax return as a member return.

When can I start offering audit assistance to my customers?

Virtually overnight! Simply contact us to set up your billing information and Audit Allies software login.

How much does it cost my office to offer audit assistance to my customers?

It costs absolutely nothing. Signing up with us is FREE, and the cost of our product is passed on to your customers. In fact, you can even mark up that cost to earn extra revenue.

How do I pay Audit Allies fees for my clients?

Each time you enroll a tax return with Audit Allies, you have the option to pay through a bank product (Auto Pay) or your may submit payment directly to Audit Allies (ERO Pay) within 30 days.

Do I have to choose between ERO protection and audit assistance?

No. You get both features when teaming with Audit Allies. If EIC is present on the return, you reap the benefits of ERO protection. If it is a higher than EIC earner or has a schedule A or schedule C on the return, Audit Allies is there for you with audit assistance. You have the peace of mind of knowing that your customers are covered no matter the background.

What is the difference between ERO protection and audit assistance?

ERO protection benefits include:
In person audit assistance for EIC Due Diligence audits.
Education and due diligence tools to insure compliance
EIC and refundable credit refund release assistance

Audit Assistance benefits include:
$2,500 reimbursement of penalties, interest, and tax liability for tax preparer errors.
Unlimited on-call assistance from tax experts
Audit assistance
Tax debt assistance

Don’t forget that your customers get the benefits of each Audit Allies feature. That is the value added when partnering with us.


How are taxpayer interest, penalties, and tax liability reimbursed?

Audit Allies pays up to $2,500 per qualified member tax return directly to the taxpayer.

If I sign up to offer products from Audit Allies, how many customers can I expect to sign up for it? Is it worth the trouble?

First of all, it’s NO trouble to sign up with us—try it and see. That said, past experience tells us that around 70% of your customers will add Audit Protect to their returns.

Does the taxpayer receive any type of receipt or proof-of-purchase when they add Audit Allies to their return?

Yes, they are automatically provided with a printed Audit Allies contract along with the other documents related to their tax return.

Some of my taxpayers get audited every year. Will Audit Allies still help them?

Yes, Audit Allies will help that taxpayer for every tax return for which they are a member of AUDIT Protect—and there is nothing prohibiting a taxpayer from being a member each and every year.

Is the taxpayer still reimbursed up to $2,500 if the additional taxes and/or fees they owe are the result of an error by the tax preparer?

Yes. The taxpayer must settle all funds due to the IRS, but they will indeed be reimbursed up to $2,500—even if the error(s) in question were the fault of the tax preparer.

What if my customer is responsible for more than $2,500?

Unfortunately, anything over and above $2,500 is the responsibility of the taxpayer. However, our $2,500 should cover a vast majority the taxes & fees in question.

Does Audit Allies assist taxpayers with ITIN numbers?

Yes—as long as the taxpayer purchased Audit Protect for a current-tax-year return.

Does Audit Allies assist taxpayers with state tax returns?

Not at this time. Currently, Audit Allies only provides services with regard to the Federal government and the IRS.

Audit Allies offers 3 years of coverage; which 3 years exactly?

Audit Allies offers reimbursement for 1 year from April 30th each year.  Our audit assistance offers reimbursement 3 years from acknowledgement of the tax return.

Does Audit Allies cover previous-year returns?

No, our products only cover the specific returns for which membership was purchased.

Does Audit Allies help customers who do not receive their refunds?

Yes, as long as the taxpayer is a member of Audit Allies for the return in question, we will be available to assist for 3 full years following the date the return was signed.

Will taxpayers who have a balance due instead of refund still benefit from our audit assistance?

Of course! Audit Allies will still come in handy in the event of an audit.

I’m responsible for my customers’ privacy. Will Audit Allies ever make their contact or other personal information available to third parties? The answer better be no.

The answer is NO, we will never share your customers’ information with any third party—even the IRS—without explicit permission.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us today.