About Audit Allies

About Us

When it comes to dealing with the IRS, everyone needs an Ally.

At Audit Allies, our staff has real-world experience dealing with the IRS. Our forward-thinking association is founded on solid principles of honesty, integrity, and empowerment.

We formed our association after taking a critical look at other audit assistance services, past and current trends, standard IRS practices, and more. We quickly realized that we could do more to protect taxpayers from the harmful side effects of IRS audits. We could save them time and money.

We could be their Ally.

That’s why we offer a complete package of audit assistance that covers a wide variety of tax returns. For instance, returns including Earned Income Credits benefit from the education, penalty assistance, and other provisions included in our membership, whereas higher income taxpayers benefit from our standard audit assistance membership.  Audit Allies features real-world expertise that covers a variety of taxpayers.