Two great products. For the price of one.

At a low reasonable cost, you get coverage for a variety of tax returns. Not only do you get audit assistance with Audit Allies, but you also get assistance with EIC due diligence as an added bonus. With 30 years of tax industry experience, we understand the needs of taxpayers and EROs. We also anticipate those needs with forward-thinking service and expertise.

You Need An Ally.

Audit Allies is on your team, covering up to $2,500 toward penalties, interest, and tax liability for preparers.

Our Features:

Audit Assistance

Peace of Mind for Taxpayers

Audit Allies provides taxpayers with the peace of mind of knowing that somebody’s got their back in the event of an audit. For EROs, it cures the headache of having to deal with an audit themselves, so they can concentrate on business.

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