Audit Allies and iTax

Audit Allies and iTax make a great team.

What is Audit Allies and what do we cover?

Audit Allies offers peace of mind to tax preparers in the event of an audit.

Audit Assistance– Our staff will provide a wide variety of industry leading audit assistance to your taxpayers undergoing IRS audits.

More about Audit Allies.

How much is Audit Allies?

For the low cost of $44.95, your preparers and taxpayers are covered for 3 years, for that years tax return. This means if that years tax return is audited or your preparer undergoes an EIC due diligence review, Audit Allies has your back!

How can I make money for offering Audit Allies?

You can increase your revenue using Audit Allies. We have priced our coverage as low as possible, to allow your office to add an additional fee to our $44.95. You can mark up our $44.95 amount between 0-$54 (most offices mark-up between $10-$20 per return). If using a bank product, your markup fee will be deposited into your bank account, at the time tax preparation fees are paid. This allows you to increase revenue while also providing tremendous value to the taxpayer, as well as your entire office staff.

Set Your Markup Fees and Default Setting.

Step 1:

From the WIP page, select Setup, then Billing Setup

Step 2:

Select the Custom Settings tab. To ensure all of your preparers are covered by our EIC Due Diligence benefits and your taxpayers assisted with IRS audits, you will need to set the auto default function. It is recommended that you put a check mark under "Auto Add Financials" column. This will ensure each of your clients using a bank product will have coverage. It is recommended that you leave the column for non financials empty. Next, you need to input your markup fee. You can set this at any amount, up to $54. Simply click on the column under Add On Fee/Markup Amount and enter your desired amount. To save your entries, click on OK.

Step 3: Now Let's Test Your Settings

To ensure that Audit Allies is activated and your add-on fee populates accurately, it is very important to do a quick test.

First, create a new return using a made up social security number. Once the new return opens, you only need to enter a Filing Status. Next, in the upper left hand corner of the yellow banner, click Add Form.

Step 4:

In the Dialog box at the bottom, type “Audit” and the Audit Allies form will be highlighted. Double click on the Audit Allies form.

Step 5:

In the Attached Forms section on the left hand side, you will see Invoice, click on the Invoice form. About halfway down your invoice you will see the section Ancillary Products Related Services. Audit Protection, Audit Allies should appear in this section. The amount should be $44.95 plus what you set as your markup fee. If so, your software is working correctly. If not, please call Audit Allies at 866-505-1800.

Enrollment is free and easy.

If you are an ERO looking for Audit Assistance and could use some added value, Audit Allies is ready to team up. Enrollment is free and only takes 2 minutes to complete. Once you enroll, we will notify your tax software provider to activate Audit Allies for the upcoming tax season. Then, you can relax. Audit Allies has your back.

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