Audit Allies Audit Protection

AUDIT Assistance

Peace of Mind For Taxpayers

For a small fee, Audit Protect provides taxpayers with the peace of mind of knowing that somebody’s got their back in the event of an audit. For EROs, it cures the headache of having to deal with an audit themselves, so they can concentrate on business.

Audit Allies includes the following audit assistance provisions:

  • Earned income, child and education credits covered—even on unfunded returns
  • Schedule A and schedule C
  • Unlimited, on-call assistance from tax experts
  • Generous volume rebates and ability to mark up price point to earn additional revenue
  • Tax debt relief, offers in compromise
  • Denied W-7 applications

Contact us today to learn more about Audit Allies and how it can earn you revenue in addition to helping your customers in the event of an audit.