Audit Allies ERO Protection

ERO Protection

EIC Due Diligence Education & Assistance for EROs

Unlike other audit assistance providers, Audit Allies has the experience to recognize the struggles EROs face during an audit—especially when it comes to Earned Income Credit (EIC) requirements. That’s why Audit Allies provides much needed protection for  EROs in 3 different ways.


When an ERO enrolls with Audit Allies, we supply them with everything they need to know about the current year’s IRS requirements, including those of the EIC. Up-date-educational materials, videos and taxpayer questionnaires & forms are all at their immediate disposal.

In-person Audit Representation

In the event of an audit, we will send a trained member of our staff to the tax office on the day of the review. Our experts are always prepared to represent offices to the IRS—mitigating stress on the ERO with the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve got their back in times of need.

EIC Denied Credits

If the IRS denies EIC on a particular tax return, the experts at Audit Alliance will work with the taxpayer to get the supporting documentation demanded by the IRS. Moreover, we’ll continue to fight on their behalf in order to receive funding—alleviating the tax office of the responsibility and allowing them to concentrate on generating revenue.

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